Drake Bell Drops By CHOP!

Drake Bell dropped in at The Voice to hang out with the patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The actor, comedian and musician was happy to sit down and talk about the music that inspires him and the direction his career is moving in. Drake told the children that he is very inspired by The Beatles. Not only does he love all of their music but Paul McCartney is one of his idols and he would love to work with him at some point.  His favorite Beatles song is “Blackbird” and he decided to play it for the children that were in the studio. He also spoke about the difference between live musical performances and being on TV. He said being on TV was a little easier because if he ever messed up or forgot a line they could shoot the scene over. That is not the case, he explained, when you are performing in a concert. He let the kids in on a little secret: if he ever gets nervous and forgets the words of the song he is singing, he just holds the mic out to the crowd to sing along until he remembers the words again! Drake is currently doing voiceover work as Peter Parker for the Spider-Man TV series and will be in a new movie called “Ragz: A Hip Hop Fairytale.” He loves doing voiceover work because he can go to work in his pajamas. Drake and the kids also shared a common love…a love for Disneyland! He tries to go whenever he has the opportunity and his favorite ride is Space Mountain. The kids were so thrilled to hang out with Drake and learn about all the fun things they had in common. We thank Drake for taking the time to visit The Voice!