Drake Bell Meets Super-Fan at Seacrest Studios!

Written by Kevin Altimier 

It was an exciting day in Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center as Drake Bell, singer and star of Drake & Josh, stopped by to visit with patients and families.

Things were off to a great start when Drake Bell super-fan, Emmalee, got to meet and sit next to Drake during the interview portion.  The phone lines were packed with callers all hoping to get one question in. Serenity, a patient on the phone, asked Drake the one celebrity that he would freak out about meeting to which Drake said: “Probably Paul McCartney, if he walked into the room right now, I would probably die.” 

When asked if his hit show, Drake & Josh, was all ad-libbed or scripted by Noah on Skype, Drake answered that most of the time there was very little scene direction and him and Josh were improvising the whole time.  Things got interesting when Courtney asked how many tattoos he actually had, which Drake had to really think about, but eventually settled on 22. 

After the interview was over, Drake performed the theme song from Drake & Josh “Found A Way” as well as signing autographs and meeting with the patients and families that came down for the visit. Thanks, Drake, for visiting Cincinnati Children’s Seacrest Studio.  We appreciate you taking time out of your schedule for our patients and families and we look forward to your next visit!