We are grateful for our Celebrity Ambassadors, past and present. Celebrity Ambassadors use their talent and influence to help further the foundation’s mission and truly make an impact in the lives of children in hospitals across the country.

Current Ambassadors

Alana Springsteen

“I believe music has the power to heal. I’m such a fan of the work the team at the Ryan Seacrest Foundation does in partnership with pediatric hospitals across the country. Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to visit virtually with some of the Seacrest Studios and the children at the hospitals. Seeing the positivity and light that radiates from these kids during those moments is inspiring. If there’s a chance that I can help them find some joy in music for just a moment of their day, I’m all in. I’m honored to join the Ryan Seacrest Foundation as a Celebrity Ambassador.”

Jordan Davis

“I am beyond honored to be the newest ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation,” Davis shared. “It’s been so rewarding to visit the different hospitals all over the country and spend time with the amazing kids and their families as well as the incredible doctors and nurses. They are all fighters and I hope I can bring them just a little joy with my music.”

Charlie Puth

"I’m absolutely thrilled to serve as an ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The work they do with children’s hospitals across the country is truly inspiring and I’m happy to help their efforts in any way that I can."

Sabrina Carpenter

“I love getting the chance to meet kids that inspire me and show me what strength is. Being an ambassador has given me the ability to reach so many of them all over the country and I always look forward to my visits.”

Past Ambassadors