Patient Story

The Opportunity To Feel Like A Star

In 2023, DJ Ash was a frequent flyer in Seacrest Studios at Children's National Hospital. We checked in with his mom to hear more about his story and the impact Seacrest Studios had on his medical journey.
Intern Story

A Life-Altering Experience

I believe all students, especially those interested in Child Life, should recognize the transferability of the skills they will gain from a Seacrest Studio Internship. When I started my internship, I had a passion for working with kids but no experience in anything involving technology. The knowledge I acquired in audio and video editing, as well as graphic design, has proven invaluable in my role as a Child Life Intern and enhances your marketability in your professional career.
Talent Story

When Big Stars Inspire Little Stars

I love what the Ryan Seacrest Foundation stands for and represents. I feel lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to give back in a small way by sharing my gift with the kids. I am there to lift spirits but what the kids don’t understand is that they are lifting mine at the same time. It reminds me of what’s truly important in life and that is loving people.

Partner Story

A Long-Standing Partnership

“We all have challenges in our lives, but those challenges seem trivial when you are in the company of young kids who are fighting for their lives,” said ENCO President Ken Frommert, “We witnessed first-hand the joy that the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is bringing to kids and their parents, and it is inspiring to play a role in their efforts to offer healing opportunities for these families.”