Patient Story

The Opportunity To Feel Like A Star

The term frequent flyer is used often in Seacrest Studios; and while it is primarily designated for patients who attend programming on a regular basis, it takes on an entirely new meaning when framed around Ivan.
Intern Story

A Life-Altering Experience

I’m grateful to Ryan Seacrest for setting the standard that working hard and giving back should go hand in hand.When you score an internship like this, your first thoughts can be centered around the impact you hope to have on such a special place, but the one thing I didn't think to consider was how much of an impact this place would have on me. 
Talent Story

When Big Stars Inspire Little Stars

We've been blessed with a lot over the years, both together and as individuals. At the end of the day, it's something really dear to our hearts – to be able to give back. If we can spend time in Seacrest Studios and make life a little lighter for these patients, we want to do it.

Partner Story

A Long-Standing Partnership

ACM Lifting Lives has the honor of seeing the impact that the Ryan Seacrest Foundation has on the lives of so many: the patients and families, the artists, the next generation of broadcasters, and all others in the community that have the privilege of being touched by the generosity and vision of RSF.