A Long-Standing Partnership

“We all have challenges in our lives, but those challenges seem trivial when you are in the company of young kids who are fighting for their lives,” said ENCO President Ken Frommert, “We witnessed first-hand the joy that the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is bringing to kids and their parents, and it is inspiring to play a role in their efforts to offer healing opportunities for these families.”

ENCO Systems, a worldwide leader in automation and playout technology for broadcasters, employed several of its leading products for the Seacrest Studios project. A keystone of that software is ENCO's DAD radio automation system (Digital Audio Delivery), a highly sophisticated touchscreen-based software tool broadcasters use to manage, access and play audio assets for daily shows, as well as insert voice-over content, sponsor messages, sound effects and more.

DAD also provides bi-directional communication to the studios SAS consoles allowing users to remotely start, stop and advance audio content with a push of a button. DAD’s DCL (DAD Command Language), provides flexibility to integrate with other studio hardware, software, and cameras so that operators can run programs from a centralized control point.

ENCO’s Dropbox file ingestion utility automates the process for populating studio databases by directly linking with their internet-based audio service subscriptions and in-house production. Users can log into their accounts, select media to ingest and within moments populate, format and correctly standardize media across their DAD library.

DAD provides Seacrest Studios the ability to broadcast at a professional level locally and throughout the hospital’s media distribution with as little or as much manual intervention as the operator chooses. Its flexible user-friendly Presenter interface allows not only operators but patients and guests at all learning levels the ability to work directly with the system with little to no formalized training.