A Life-Altering Experience

Hanley Riggs, Intern - Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
Belmont University, Broadcast Journalism

What was your favorite part about your internship in Seacrest Studios?
My favorite part was being able to connect with the patients. I loved being able to see their whole mood change and light up being in the studio. It was such an amazing experience and made coming into my internship everyday so exciting and rewarding.

How did your internship in Seacrest Studios help prepare you for next steps in your career?
Through industry tours via the studio, I was able to get my current internship with Sirius XM the Highway on the Storme Warren Show. Macie Banks, who is a co-host on the show, was a former intern in Atlanta and a connection I fostered through this tour. Additionally, Seacrest Studios taught me the power of kindness and going above and beyond for others. This is something I learned from Mamie and Cayce and something I will hold onto forever into my career. It really goes a long way and is the way that everyone should be. 

If you were to recommend the studio internship to another student, what would you say?
Funny enough I have! I told my sister how amazing it was but just how life changing it was that she applied and will now be interning with the studio this summer. This was the best internship I’ve ever had - it makes you better as a person and think of others. I want to be apart of Seacrest Studios family forever and love sharing what this amazing place does for the kids with others. I truly cannot put into words what this place means to me and hope I can always be apart of it. 

Tell us about your best day on-air.
My best day on air was when I interviewed the Nashville Predators Rookies in the studio. It was amazing to see different patients come in and see these players, and being able to confidently lead that interview with the players was an amazing feeling.