A Life-Altering Experience

Cassie Shelley, Intern - Boston Children's Hosptial
Media Arts Prouction
Expected Graduation Year: 2022

What was your favorite part of your internship in Seacrest Studios? 
My favorite part of the internship at Seacrest Studio was interacting with patients during daily programs!

Did you host a weekly show? If so, tell us about it!
I hosted a weekly program called Tulula Tune! It was a musical guessing game that's goal was to motivate our friend Tulala (a bunny) to hop to her destination with every correct guess. Musical categories varied by themes of television, pop, and Disney. Tulula had a little animated world she would navigate each episode.

If you were to recommend Seacrest Studios to another student, what would you say? 
If I were recommending Seacrest Studios to another student, I would tell them that they'll have an awesome opportunity to independently produce their own programs while spending time with an amazing staff and incredible patients! There's endless learning opportunities and your time spent is so rewarding.

How has the internship helped guide you in navigating your career aspirations after college? 
This internship has helped guide me in navigating my career by reassuring myself that I can both be creative and effectively produce my own content. Seacrest Studios helped build my confidence both on and off air.