"Hotel TV" to Hospital TV with Lawrence in Seacrest Studios, Charlotte!

“Hotel TV” may be their most recent album title—but we remixed that title when Lawrence appeared on the “Hospital TVs” at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC! In a true full circle moment Seacrest Studios welcomed the band they had previously interviewed virtually, but now live and in-person! Gracie, Clyde, and Jordan not only captured our hearts but also our ears during a VIP concert.

Lawrence brought a spunky and positive energy that could be felt throughout the entire hospital. Patient DJ Graham started off the interview asking a question everyone can relate to, “what do you do when you get nervous?” We learned that Clyde treats a performance day just like any other day to help normalize the experience. Patient DJ Theo introduced his stuffy, “Panda-Cute” to Lawrence and shared that his panda helps him when he gets anxious while in the hospital. Gracie and Jordan went on to share how special it is to perform each day with their best friends from childhood and what a unique and special experience it is. They are a safe space for each other just like the studio is for patients.

Before long, it was time to get silly with our friends from Lawrence with a game called “Build Your Band.” We received the inside scoop learning that Goofy would be the best lead vocalist, Pluto would be the drummer, and Squidward would be the crowd favorite, on the Saxaphone.

The crowd was given a personal VIP concert experience from Lawrence that even included an unreleased song! DJ Theo showed off his vocals singing along with Gracie & Clyde, while DJ Graham joined Jordan on the air drums and air horns. The spirit Lawrence brought to Seacrest Studios was contagious. What an honor it was to “do nothing with them” all afternoon long. Until next time!