X Ambassadors Give Patients Inspiring Advice At Seacrest Studios

Recap by: Seacrest Studios Volunteer, Kevin Shirley Video by: Seacrest Studios Media Programs Specialist, Kent Wyckof

The X Ambassadors (Sam Harris, Casey Harris, Noah Feldshuh, and Adam Levin) paid a visit to Seacrest Studios at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Interacting with kids who have musical aspirations of their own, the band offered some advice on how to become successful musicians. On playing in a band, Casey said that "if it doesn't work out in two years, just keep doing it till it does." Meanwhile, Adam encouraged the kids to explore their options; while the guitar wasn't a good fit for him, playing the drums turned out to be his true calling. 

The band's roots go as far back as childhood. Noah met Casey in kindergarten, and together with Casey's brother, Sam, they played music throughout their youth. They brought Adam into the group when they got older. Moving from boyhood musical fun to their current concert tour, the group has shown what can happen when dedicated young artists hold onto their dreams. The band will be busy with their VHS tour for some time; their next break doesn't come until Christmas. But, the group's members wouldn't have it any other way, with Casey noting that a long period of time without playing music would not be very fun for him. CHOP would like to thank the members of X Ambassadors for taking time out of their busy touring schedule to visit Seacrest Studios and hopes to see them again soon!