Conrad Sewell, 5SOS and Selena Gomez Visit Seacrest Studios In Philadelphia

Co-written by:  Kent Wyckoff and Mallory Tadley (Seacrest Studios Intern)

It was a busy day at Seacrest Studios at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia! With many artists in town for Jingle Ball 2015, a few decided to stop by the hospital first and spread a little holiday cheer. The afternoon kicked off with Conrad Sewell, best known for his hit song, "Hold Me Up" sitting behind the studio mic!  Kids were fascinated to learn that perhaps, like Conrad, they should start early and send out songs in addition to their letters to Santa if they want to hit it big. 

On the heels of Conrad, 5 Seconds of Summer made a welcomed return visit. Their charisma was infectious as fans eagerly asked questions and joked around with the group, learning about everything from their girlfriends to proper towel color selection. The "She Looks So Perfect" singers encouraged everyone to check out their new film "How Did We End Up Here" while appropriately reminiscing on their whirlwind ride to stardom. As everyone rushes to grab copies of 5SOS's new album, Sounds Good Feels Good, it's easy to see how their "motivation starts with the fans." They were quick to note, however, that they wanted to stick around and do some stargazing of their own at the day's final visitor, Selena Gomez.   

Selena sat down to another packed audience to chat about her own new album, Revival, and her experiences with acting. Clearly excited about her latest work, Selena told everyone she really drew on her emotions over the year it took to write and produce Revival. She said "Kill Them With Kindness" meant so much to her because it was a chance for her to sing a great song with a better meaning. Whether she was singing in studios, closets, or hotel rooms, Selena had a great time recording!  Selena explained to the crowd that she was dramatic as a child and is "still dramatic;" so much so that she potentially sees a future where her vocals take a back seat to an acting career. 

Before completing her interview, Selena reminded her fans that they need passion to achieve their goals and revealed a sentiment that seemed to be shared by all of the day's visitors: "There is a difference between being famous and being successful," and you have to work hard and never take no for an answer in order to do that. Many thanks to all of our special guests for their awesome visits in studio!