A Great Big World talks music and hairstyles during a visit to Children’s Medical Center

Patients at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas got right to the tough questions when A Great Big World stopped by the Seacrest Studios. The kids kicked off the interview asking about the pair’s hair styles and crazy socks, which brought instant smiles and laughter.

When asked about his signature curls Ian said, “You just don’t do it. You just wake up in the morning and it’s like that."

Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino also shared stories of how they met at NYU and how their friendship was slow to start but then turned into a successful music duo. “Ian forced me to hear him play because he had no friends,” Chad joked. “I made him listen to the songs I was writing,” Ian responded. “And then he wanted to be my friend after he heard me play the piano.”

Both Ian and Chad explained to the kids how important it is to stay positive and how they incorporate that sentiment in their lyrics and music. One of their songs, “Rockstar,” has a message to kids to always dream big. “When you’re a kid anything is possible,” said Ian. “Somehow for me I stopped believing in myself. The dream was so far buried in me and together we brought it back to life. And I felt like I was reconnecting with the kid inside of me who still exists today. I feel like that is so important that when you grow up to always keep that kid inside of you, that kid who wants to have fun and who can dream and who can do anything.”

A Great Big World jumped into the spotlight with their break-out hit “Say Something.” Ian told the crowd he and Chad actually wrote the song using a ukulele, but it was made famous by the version on the piano. Children at the Seacrest Studio were then treated to a moving live performance when Ian sang “Say Something” while playing the ukulele.

Thank you to Ian and Chad of A Great Big World for brightening our day with your smiles and talents!