Acrobatics with Disney on Ice in Seacrest Studios

Patients and families had a fantastic time with Disney on Ice performers inside Seacrest Studios for a live show at Le Bonheur Children’s in Memphis, TN!

The in-studio audience of Le Bonheur patients, family members and caregivers were amazed when professional ice skater Denis Koreline held Sari Behr up on his hand to show off the ice-skating move known as a “seated hold”. Denis effortlessly pushed Sari high up in the air and held her up on his right palm as Sari waved to the cameras, all the while talking through the entire move with a microphone in her other hand. They made it look so easy!

Denis and Sari answered questions from the audience about their jobs like "When did you start ice skating?" and "What's your favorite place you've visited on tour?" They answered other questions too, such as if you had to build a house out of any food, what food would you pick? Sari confidently said marshmallows and Denis decided to agree with that food choice. 

The two Disney on Ice skaters also played a fun game of Disney Trivia. They received a lot of help from two patients, Aaliyah and Nora, who showed off their knowledge of Frozen and the Little Mermaid.

 Thank you to Disney on Ice for bringing smiles and laughter to our Seacrest Studios in Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital!