AJR Virtually Returns to Seacrest Studios!

Written by Studio Manager, Matt Piontkowski 

AJR BANGed their way through the TV’s of our patients and their families at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Thursday, November 12th. The band makes up three brothers who write, produce and mix their own music from the living room of their New York apartment. They have paved the way for so many bands across the world.

Adam, Jack and Ryan joined DJ Matty P and Jasmine in Seacrest Studios for an inclusive virtual experience.  Learning that making music with your brothers creates tons of memories, years of experience and is a moment that you definitely will never forget. The band received numerous calls from patients wanting to learn more about them and their incredible talent!  Diving into “Get To Know AJR”, a game that put the members on spot, Adam, Jack and Ryan gave us an inside scoop on their favorites which included goldfish crackers as their snack, music by the Weekend and a group decision of XBOX over Playstation!

The boys gave the hospital a not so WEAK performance of their classic hit.  Ending the interview with advice that included embrace your uniqueness, this super talented group created memories and an experience that our patients and families will never forget!