Alberto Del Rio Visits Seacrest Studios On His Way to SmackDown!

As we near the end of the year, Seacrest Studios Charlotte looks back at some of the big moments for patients at Levine Children's Hospital. When WWE two-time World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, stopped by on his way to SmackDown, patients were in awe! The 239 pound, 6'5" professional wrestler proved his big heart is as award-winning as his championship bouts in the ring.

Assuring patients that their real opponent in life does not appear in a wrestling ring, but in everyday struggles they may face, Del Rio said not to surrender to those struggles, that strength comes from meeting your struggles head-on. Speaking in both Spanish and English, this larger-than-life wrestler lingered to take pictures and sign autographs before facing his next championship battle in Charlotte. Listen at

Our thanks to Alberto Del Rio for helping us with the tools we need to help fight our struggles and win hard battles.