Alessia Cara Visits Children's Hospital Colorado!

Photos and Video by Chris Coleman, with footage from Seacrest Studios Interns, Morgan Carter and Micah Bridges

Singer Alessia Cara stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado before playing a show in a popular Denver venue. 

She fielded expertly-crafted questions from the Seacrest Studio audience comprised of patients, families, and their visitors. Alessia enjoyed the interview so much she said, “you guys ask better questions than real interviewers… which makes you guys the real interviewers!” 

During her time in the studio, we found out Alessia loves all things photography…taking photos, editing them on her phone, and she’s a HUGE Snapchat fan (she loves any filters that make faces look funny). She also told us how she drew her own Beanie Girl logo, prompting one patient to excitedly exclaim, “Wow, you’re a great artist!” When asked about her favorite dessert, Alessia answered “chocolate cake,” but one patient thought she heard Alessia say “taco cake,” which started a funny conversation on the potential merits of cake made from tacos (Alessia mentioned, “maybe that might actually be good…you never know until you try!”) 

In addition to answering many more questions, playing our favorite game Backwards Forwards (which Alessia said sounds like she was “speaking Martian!”), and giving a shoutout to all the kids who couldn’t come down to the studio, Alessia gave some excellent advice. “We think we need to change for the world, I just think that all my weird qualities, or my strange qualities, are what makes me ‘not good enough’ or ‘not cool,’ but I think, in fact, they’re what make you awesome! So, if there’s anything that may seem different about you, or not the traditional ‘thing,’ I think you should embrace that because those are the things that make you so amazing and so great. You are all so inspiring to me!” On top of the great advice, later that night, Alessia gave a shoutout to all the kids of Children's Hospital Colorado at her show! 

Thank you for the laughs, hugs, and wise words Alessia!