Alex & Sierra Sing “Scarecrow” For Patients In Seacrest Studios

Video created by: Chris Coleman Photos taken by: Cody Hudson and Chris Coleman Recap written by: Cody Hudson and Chris Coleman

The singing duo Alex & Sierra stopped by Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado with local Denver radio DJ, Bo Jaxon, while out on a national radio promo tour. The real-life couple won the most recent season of music-competition Fox television show, X-Factor. Bo Jaxon started off the interview asking Alex and Sierra to offer the kids a behind-the-scenes scoop on Simon Cowell’s on-set snacking habits. Sierra explained that Cowell would bring British chocolates (the kind you can’t get in the United States) to share, which everyone loved.

During the interview, Sierra talked about having completed the entire game of Candy Crush while Alex explained he preferred Clash of the Clans. This was a big hit with one patient, who spent time trading game tips with Alex during the autograph session. Elijah, a fan of super heroes, asked the duo if they would rather have Iron Man’s suit or his money? “His suit, for sure,” stated Alex, “because then I could fly,” and Sierra agreed.

The couple didn’t shy away from some of the standard favorites on BBOY45: the Question of the Day and Backwards Forwards. Sierra eagerly explained if she had to fill a swimming pool with something besides water, it would definitely be Nutella. While, Alex thought a mixture of cornstarch and water would be a great choice of ingredients for this swimming pool (non-Newtonian fluid!). One audience member quickly pointed out that mixture is called oobleck, a previously unknown fun fact for everyone in the room, including Alex.

With almost perfect precision, Alex was able to accurately repeat his name, “Alex Kinsey” during Backwards Forwards. However, the game was much more challenging for Sierra. As she repeated her name backwards, there were laughs and smiles all around as her response sounded like “Cee-air-us Vee-shran,” in the tone resembling someone holding their nose while mumbling her name, Sierra Deaton. Prior to the autograph session, Alex and Sierra concluded the interview with their latest single, “Scarecrow” and left these encouraging words for the patients. “If you love something, do everything you can to be the best at it, whatever it is. Be the best you can be, follow what you love. Don’t give up and be sure to smile every day.”

Great words from a great couple…thanks to Alex & Sierra, and DJ Bo Jaxon, for swinging by the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado!