All Star Weekend Rocks On Over to The Voice Studio at CHOP!

The Voice studio at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) was rockin' last Friday when pop boy band All Star Weekend surprised the patients with an appearance. The multi-media center was buzzing with activity as the girls swooned over the musically inclined band and asked them tons of questions during their impromptu Q & A session.

One inquisitive fan gave the band a laugh when she asked the boys what they were most afraid of. Zach admitted to a phobia of rats, while another one of the members confided that he was terrified of cheese! CHEESE?! The boys also dished about their career and music, and snickered when asked their age, claiming that many people assume they're much younger than they actually are because they have such baby faces. That's nothing to complain about!

These charming boys brought an amazing energy to The Voice, and finished up their stay at CHOP by performing two of their most popular songs, "Not Your Birthday" and "Mr. Wonderful." Take a look at the photos of All Star Weekend and the patients at CHOP! It's obvious a good time was had by all.