All Time Low Plays A Game Of Would You Rather At CHOP!

All Time Low hung out at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia last week, and the patients were so excited to spend time with the band in studio.

The guys started the band their freshman year in high school, when they were all 14 years old, and then were signed on Valentines Day in 2006, during their senior year. They started touring right after school and have been on the road 9 to 10 months of the year since then. In fact, they called being home in Baltimore, Maryland a “vacation” because they are always on the road. Their favorite places to visit on tour are New York, Chicago, Tokyo and Dublin.

The patients wanted to know what the guys loved most about CHOP's hometown of Philadelphia. The band's favorite part about the great city... the food and nightlife! They once held a competition between Pat’s, Jim’s and Geno’s to see who they thought had the best cheese steaks and Pat's won!

They are very proud of their new album, which they say was inspired by 90’s music. They love performing all their new songs on stage but definitely try to include some of their old music during each of their concerts. One goal of theirs that they still want to on Saturday Night Live!

One of the (many) great parts of their visit was when All Time Low agreed to play one of our favorite games at Seacrest Studios – "Would You Rather." Here are some of their fun answers…

Would you rather:

1. Have it rain cheese puffs or super bouncy balls? Cheese puffs, so they could eat them all.

2. Have the head of a lego man or the body of a lego man? Head, so they could still move their body around how they wanted while still looking awesome.

3. Be a video game tester or a trampoline tester? Video game tester, so they could be paid to play video games all day (something they love doing during downtime on tour).

4. Be able to fly or be able to make anyone break dance? Break dance, because they would prank people all the time!

The band also took some time to talk about how lucky they are for their fans. They worked so hard to build a fan base and are so appreciative of all of the support. Well one things for sure…they can add Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to that list!

A huge thank you to the group for this entertaining and fun visit!