American Authors Make A Special Tour Stop At Seacrest Studios in Charlotte

American Authors thrilled patients at Levine Children’s Hospital when they stopped by during the group’s concert tour through North Carolina. The band (Zac Barnett, Matt Sanchez, James Adam Shelley, and Dave Rublin) met, and formed, while at Berklee College of Music in Boston and now it operates out of its home base in New York.

Many who gathered in Seacrest Studios recognized the band’s songs from TV ads, movie trailers, and even ESPN. A spontaneous jam session broke out when the quartet brought out guitars and a banjo. The most unique instrument used in the group’s performance was the surface of the table at Seacrest Studios, which doubled as a drum set for the award-winning band’s performance of "Best Day Of My Life!"

Answering questions from patients, American Authors talked about everything from their Duck Dynasty connection to the rock group’s debut album, Oh, What A Life. Songs from that album are some of the favorites played at Levine Children’s Hospital. It’s hard to believe now that, at one time, the group was not really sure if they even liked the song, "Best Day of My Life" but, “Lyrically, it sets it up in the sense of, no matter what’s going on in your life, you can escape that and create your own best day.” How true for the patients who visit Seacrest Studios!

The enormously talented group took the time to answer questions from patients and took pictures with fans. We are looking forward to more “best days.” Thanks, American Authors!