American Authors Play 'Hum Along' in Seacrest Studios Nashville

Recap By Seacrest Studios Intern, Lexi Miller Videos By Seacrest Studios Intern, Katie Klochany.

 American Authors visited Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt and discussed their upcoming album, “What We Live For." The band agreed that their first album “Oh, What a Life” was written about previous life experiences whereas this next album is focused more about their goals and dreams for the future. The band is open about their very intimate songwriting approach stating, “music is a bit of a diary because those are your experiences.” 

The band seems to have many hidden talents along with their obvious musical gift. Bandmate Matt Sanchez has been working on a novel which includes a loose history of what the band has been through thus far. The book allegedly contains characters based on each of the other band members. In their free time, the band enjoys outdoor activities like snowboarding, rock climbing, and hiking. They try to stay active on their days off! We learned where the band came up with the name “American Authors” originally. The bandmates are from all across the United States and each have unalike backgrounds and upbringings. As for the second part of the name they said, “we feel like we are authors because we have stories to tell.” 

After the interview, the band played a game of “Hum Along” where one person hums a song and the other guesses. Their humming skills were very impressive! We loved having American Authors in the studio and we can’t wait to see them again!