American Idol Winner Maddie Poppe Performs at Boston Children’s Hospital

Written by Nicole Cutinella

Maddie Poppe, winner of season 16 of American Idol, dropped by Seacrest Studios at Boston Children’s Hospital for a visit! She answered questions, performed a song, and did a meet & greet with patients & families. 

Poppe and the patients really connected on their love for the show Spongebob. They came to the conclusion that the episode where Spongebob sings “Sweet Victory” at the Super Bowl is the definitively the best episode of Spongebob. We asked Poppe if she could answer Patrick’s question from the episode: “Is mayonnaise an instrument?”. She replied “hey, anything can be an instrument!” She then told the studio audience all about “Foley” which is when you use random objects in a creative way to make specific sound effects for film & TV. So, it is officially settled: mayonnaise could be an instrument, Patrick! 

Patients also asked Poppe if she stayed friends with her fellow American Idol contestants (she did!) and what her childhood was like (lots of cornfields!). After the interview, Poppe performed her song “Going Going Gone” which was her winning song on American Idol. She played her guitar and sang at the desk. Patients & families (and Seacrest Studios staff!) loved her performance — it was like a mini, private concert!

Maddie Poppe brightened the day of many patients & families with her funny anecdotes and beautiful singing voice. We were very lucky to have her at our studio. Thanks, Maddie!