Andy Grammer Gives Memorable Advice At Children's Medical Center of Dallas

Children’s Medical Center of Dallas welcomed singer-songwriter Andy Grammer to the Seacrest Studio on Saturday, February 23rd. The talented musician sang several of his hit-songs during an interview with patients and studio staff. He was in town to perform for The Junior League of Dallas and was enthusiastic about spending time at the hospital.

Grammer opened up to the packed studio about his rise to fame. He moved to Los Angeles and began his career as a street performer. “I did that for three years, and then I was blessed to get a song called Keep Your Head Up, which went on the radio,” he said.

His manager discovered him while he was a street performer, using a car battery-powered amp to perform. The musician shared his passion for music with the audience as he played the guitar, sang, and showed off his beatboxing ability.

“I love music, it makes me so happy,” Grammer said. He performed Fine By Me, The Pocket, and encouraged patients to sing along to his Platinum song Keep Your Head Up. Grammar is currently working on a new album and explained that getting a good song is like getting a good movie script. “Then, you make it shiny,” he said. Grammer gave advice to kids who dream of becoming musicians and left studio guests with a memorable message. “Life is hard, and you have to smile,” he said.