Andy Grammer Leads A Sing-Along At Seacrest Studios

Video created by: Chris Coleman Photos taken by: Lizzie Costello and Chris Coleman Recap written by: Lizzie Costello and Chris Coleman

“An-DY! Gram-MER! An-DY! Gram-MER!” Patients cheered on a Wednesday night as they welcomed pop music singer-songwriter Andy Grammer to Seacrest Studio at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Andy is best known for his radio hits “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine By Me,” both of which patients frequently request and listen to on BBOY45 in Seacrest Studios. Although his flight to Denver had been delayed, and the airline lost his guitar, Andy showed up cheerful and ready to play for the kids and parents who had patiently waited for him. Mix 100.3 radio DJ Bo Jaxon was on site to play games and chit-chat with the kids as they waited. Jaxon also co-led the interview with Seacrest Studio manager, Chris Coleman.

Andy Grammer sang an acoustic version of “Keep Your Head Up,” with patients joining in on the chorus. He even had studio audience member, Nick, duet with him for a few bars! During his interview, Andy talked about the upcoming release of his new album, “Magazines or Novels;” he was in Denver promoting the new album at a record store.

Some of the other kids at the microphones asked Andy questions like, “Where did you first sing?” and “What big ideas do you have now that you hope come true in the future?” Nick asked him how he became famous. Andy said, “It’s best just to stay humble and try to be a cool guy. Why did people get interested in my music? Because I did it a ton! I street performed for three years.” Andy played Backwards Forwards, a Seacrest Studio celebrity visit tradition, saying “Magazines or Novels” first forward, then repeated it backwards. Everyone in the studio laughed at the backwards version of his album name, but perhaps no one was more entertained than Andy himself. After the interview, Andy took photos with patients and signed autographs, and even (gently) bear-hugged one girl who had just had surgery.

Thanks for stopping by, Andy! Our patients love your music and inspiring attitude!