Andy Grammer Visits Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia!

Andy Grammer recently stopped by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and talked about everything from his love of music and dogs to his hatred of snakes! Andy spoke to the patients about his musical journey so far. He started playing the trumpet in 4th grade and then began writing songs when he was 15 years old. He learned how to play guitar and became a street performer so people could hear his music and then recorded his first CD in his own house.

Creativity is definitely something that runs in his family. Andy’s father, Red Grammer, is a Grammy nominated songwriter. It is really important to Andy that he creates music that people can connect to. His song “Keep Your Head Up” is about his music career so far.

The song reminds him that he always needs to keep a positive attitude and work hard for everything he wants in life. Andy, who is currently touring the United States, says he loves his tour bus and always chooses the middle bunk!

After his tour, he is planning on taking a trip to France and getting a lot of sleep (one of his favorite things to do). Andy left the children with his favorite philosophy “Life is a burger and music makes it taste better…because music is the condiment of life!” A big thank you to Andy for taking time to make a special visit to CHOP!