Ansel Elgort Tells Seacrest Studios About His Favorite Film Project

Actor, singer and performer Ansel Elgort recently visited Seacrest at CHOC Children’s. He joined the call all the way from Japan to talk to patients, who commented how much they loved Ansel’s tie dye shirt.  A collective gasp from the group ensued when Ansel tilted his camera down to show off a bunch of cats printed on his shirt and tigers printed on his pants!

The moment inspired Delaney to ask Ansel about his favorite color.  

“My favorite color is blue,” Ansel said.  “It always has been since I was a little kid.”

More than a dozen patients joined the visit virtually from the CHOC Mental Health Inpatient Center!  MHIC Patients had a slew of questions for Ansel, including asking the actor about his favorite project to work on thus far. Ansel said he has a few favorites, including Augustus Waters from “The Fault in Our Stars.

“It feels really good when you’re playing a character who wants to do good things for someone else,” Ansel said.  “[Augustus] knows he doesn’t have much time left, so he’s going to make the most of that time.”

Ansel also said out of all his characters, he relates to Augustus the most as well.

Alyssa asked her questions from inside the studio next.  She bonded with Ansel over their love for piano and they both agreed if they were to learn another instrument, it would be guitar. Ansel and Alyssa followed up that conversation by talking about Ansel’s upcoming role in the movie musical “West Side Story!” Ansel said filming that movie is one of the most difficult and rewarding projects he has ever worked on because it has a lot of intense and heavily involved scenes.

To wrap up the visit, Ansel told our friends in the MHIC his favorite celebrity is Ryan Seacrest! We couldn’t agree more!  After this visit, however, Ansel rose to the top of our favorite’s list too.