Ava Max Turns Seacrest Studio Patients Into ‘Kings & Queens’ During Virtual Visit

Seacrest Studios across the nation were all feeling royal when they had the opportunity to visit virtually with Ava Max! The pop singer joined Seacrest Studios to talk about everything from her favorite genres of music, to what it’s like to perform her music around the world.

The visit started off with a quick round of shouting out favorite Disney movies. Luz from Children’s Hospital Orange County bonded with Ava over their shared favorite, Snow White! Fovour from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was also on the call and said her favorite Disney film is Tangled. Ava and the patients agreed, it’s hard to pick as there are so many amazing choices!

Ava’s career has taken her to places around the world following the success of her song “Sweet but Psycho,” which went #1 in more than 20 countries. When asked where she would like to travel, Melanie from CHOC hospital said she wants to go somewhere in Japan. Ava agreed, adding that she had an amazing time performing in Tokyo.

Everyone on the call was celebrating with Ava about the release of her debut album, sharing what their favorite songs are so far. Fovour opted to pick two songs, saying, “I like Salt and Sweet But Psycho. All the other Seacrest Studios in the visit agreed with Fovour, also adding that patients are loving Ava’s song “Kings & Queens."

Ava max bid us all farewell with an acoustic performance of her hit “Kings & Queens” and telling us all that she is working on new music! There were so many smiles during this sweet visit. Thank you Ava for making us all feel like superstars!