Award-Winning Journalist Lester Holt Gives Advice to Patients

Patients in Seacrest Studios across the country were practicing their interviewing skills when they met legendary American journalist and NBC Nightly News anchor: Lester Holt. Patients in Boston, Charlotte, Nashville, Orlando and Washington, D.C. tuned in to learn from and meet the award-winning journalist. 

The future broadcasters came prepared to ask the celebrated news anchor, or DJ Specs, their hard-hitting questions. Holt met many future broadcasters including DJ Sophia, DJ Mahlet, DJ Syrai, all from Children’s National in Washington, D.C. and DJ Pashion, from Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. 

Holt answered several questions about his career including his favorite individual to interview, how he got involved in broadcast journalism and what he immediately does once he is off air. Patient DJs also put Holt on the spot when they asked him about his musical abilities.  

Holt ended the virtual visit with advice for patients and gratitude for all hospital heroes and their continuous support of patients and families during the pandemic. 

 “…We each have our turn going through a hard time and others will help push us through it and we can pay that forward. We can help other people during their tough time so know that people love you, they care about you and they want the very best for you.” 

Thank you, Lester Holt, for keeping the public informed through the ongoing pandemic, and for making such a remarkable impact on pediatric patients at Seacrest Studios around the country!