Backstreet Boys’ Brian Littrell and Nick Carter Light Up Boston Children’s Hospital!

Written by Seacrest Studio interns Geena Gangi, Rachel Fendt and Kristen Bates
Photography by Seacrest Studio intern, Kristen Bates

Nick Carter and Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys stopped by Boston Children’s Hospital before their concert at TD Garden during the DNA World Tour.  Patients and their families were so excited to see these legends in person. Both Littrell and Carter came in with an energy that was electric and sparked the hearts of everyone in studio. They danced and sang along to their own tunes on our playlist, snapped a couple of selfies with patients and sat at the desk for an epic interview.

Kids asked fun questions from our question box like “What is your dream car?”. Nick Carter spilled that he is a gamer and was present during the development of the legendary Fortnite game! Also, we learned that Carter chose to join the Backstreet Boys over being a member of the Disney show, the Mickey Mouse Club (where he would have starred alongside another future boyband star, Justin Timberlake!) Overall, Carter gave really great advice while also being super fun for the patients to connect to.

Littrell shared that his favorite original song from the Backstreet Boys is the one he wrote for his mom called “The Perfect Fan”. He also told the story of his own experience in a hospital. Littrell was born with a genetic heart defect that impacted his life greatly. This connection was really inspiring for the patients and families that got to hear this personal story. Littrell reminded everyone in the studio to make the best out of our lives and never give up while appreciating what you have. 

The visit ended with an awesome meet and greet where patients and families got to take pictures and autographs with Carter and Littrell. Everyone felt special as Carter and Littrell spoke to each person and learned their names. It was a great show full of incredible advice, silly stories