Backstreet's Back... in Dallas

After more than a week of anticipation, Seacrest Studios in Dallas was excited to welcome Brain Littrell and Nick Carter from the beloved boy band, The Backstreet Boys. Brian and Nick sat down and sang their way into the interview, much to the delight of the crowd filling the studio both inside and out. After giving a bit of their background information, like the fact that they were formed in 1993 and named after the Orlando Backstreet Market in Florida where the guys used to hang out, they turned their attention to the questions from the four amazing patients sitting at the microphones on either side of them. 

Amongst other things, the kids learned that Nick has hairless cats for pets and Brian travels with his two dogs, Willie and Ellie Sue, who Brian says is one of the smallest dogs in the world…weighing in at 1.9 pounds. One of the highlights of the interview was watching and listening to Brian have a conversation with Nick, as Donald Duck. With a little bit of convincing from Nick, Brain would later join Nick in a duet singing, "I Want It That Way" with his spot-on impersonation of this famous Disney cartoon character. After a few more great questions from the kids, such as "who writes your songs?," these two playful Backstreet Boys would have the studio in stitches once again as they accepted a Celebrity Challenge from singer, Max to do Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance. Their impromptu choreography did not disappoint. 

We're living off of these visits with the Backstreet Boys, and hope for many more to come!