The Band Perry Celebrates Release of ‘Comeback Kid’ at Seacrest Studios Nashville

Video and blog by Seacrest Studios Intern, Katie Klochany 

Country music fans flocked to Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt to meet Kimberly, Reid, and Neil from The Band Perry

The Band Perry’s visit was filled with excitement as they celebrated the release of their first new song in a year, “Comeback Kid.” Written to inspire friends and fans walking through a challenging time, the musicians hope to encourage those who come out on the other side landing on their feet. The band revealed the immense difficulty in keeping the release of the song a secret, and Kimberly confessed in most situations, she would be the first one to spill a secret. 

With questions in hand, curious patients asked about the early stages of the family band, discovering that youngest brother, Neil, was well liked by older sister, Kimberly, because he smelled like pizza when he was born.. After an exciting game of “Song-Moji”, Kimberly shared she has a “No No” list of words she will never put in songs, including any word related to the weather. However, we were happy to hear “Seacrest” is not on this list, and may appear in their next single. We will have to stay tuned. 

Thanks so much for an incredible visit, we cannot wait to have you back in Seacrest Studios!