Bazzi Plays "Whisper Challenge" At CHOP!

Written recap by Seacrest Studios intern, Micah Wagman

On June 4 pop and R&B singer Bazzi visited patients and families at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. When he arrived at Seacrest Studios, he was greeted with a full studio of fans all eager to meet him. Once settled, Bazzi started to socialize with the members in the studio. One of the audience members quickly asked him, “when did you realize you wanted to make music?” Bazzi responded that music has been a passion his entire life. He said when he writes music, it “comes from a real place. It holds some sort of piece of me”. 

There were some other questions asked by other people, such as; how many tattoos he has, where is his favorite place to go shopping and what was his reaction when he heard his song “Mine” on Snapchat. Turns out Bazzi has eight tattoos and likes shopping at Dior as well as thrift stores. His response to hearing his song on Snapchat was “It’s crazy”. He was also asked by a patient wearing spider-man pants, what his favorite song made so far was. Bazzi said, “Myself”. But, the patient said his favorite Bazzi song was “Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Angel,” because it reminded him of how much he loves his mom. With tears filling everyone’s eyes, Bazzi gave him a huge hug!

After the Q&A we had a few games that we wanted play with Bazzi. The first was The Cold Hard Facts, where we asked him super hard questions about himself that he may not even know. If he got the question right, he was safe, but if he got them wrong he’d have to do a challenge. The second was an Instagram deep dive, where we went and found some pictures from his Instagram and wanted to know the story behind it. The final game we played was the whisper challenge. For the Cold Hard Facts, he got most of them wrong, which is what we were kind of hoping for! The first question we asked was if he knew how many plays his song “Mine” had on Spotify to the nearest millionth. He got the answer wrong, so as a challenge he had to passionately sing the “ABCs”.  There were a few other challenges that had to be done, from dabbing to sharing a hidden fear and Bazzi finished them in style. After the questions and games were finished, we asked Bazzi what was next, to which he responded “New music is coming very soon”.

Thank you for visiting us at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Bazzi!