Bea Miller Plays "This or That" at CHOP!

Written by Seacrest Studios intern, Craig Melendes

Bea Miller, who is a singer, songwriter, and actress on her way to super stardom graced Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with her positive attitude and encouraging words on Friday, May 8th. Upon arrival, she was greeted by some very excited fans to which she gave a huge smile and plenty of high-fives.

She began her visit by answering some questions from patients and Seacrest studios crew member, Andrea. We found out Bea’s favorite place to snag a cheese steak in Philly is Pat’s, but after hearing some suggestions from the audience she was persuaded otherwise. The conversation took a swing towards super heroes which brought to light the movie, Avengers: Endgame. She had been binge watching the movies that lead up to Endgame and was, “geeking-out” about the new release. Bea’s favorite superhero is scarlet witch (‘by far’). “ I like the fact that she is so powerful and that she is a female character” Bea exclaimed. There was an outbreak of disco fever soon after when Bea was asked whether she likes to either, “Dab” or “Floss". Bea needed some guidance from our studio audience on this and was taught how to floss — flawlessly.

We had a chance to discuss Bea’s new tour, Nice To Meet You, and what it is like headlining. Her favorite song out of the tour is I Want To Know - her go to encore song. She loves to get the crowed excited one last time and feels it is a great opportunity to get up and dance with her fans.

After discussing the tour she gave us some more insight in her sophomore album, Aurora, and the inspiration that was behind it. She wanted the album to be relatable to her listeners and feels that most of them are within her age group. She hopes that after listening to Aurora, they will be able to relate to what she’s feeling so they don’t feel alone.

Before leaving, she had a chance to play a couple fun in-studio games: ‘Deep Dive' and ‘This or That'. The result of one of the games left Bea with a chicken hat on her head, which was provided to her by one of our frequent studio guests, Darrian.

We thank Bea and her team for coming out for a great visit! It was a true pleasure, and we wish her the best of luck on her Nice To Meet You tour!