Bella Thorne Shakes Things Up At Seacrest Studios!

Children’s Hospital of Orange County recently had the pleasure of welcoming, inside its brand new Seacrest Studios, Bella Thorne. The 15-year-old actress, singer, dancer and model has appeared on Disney Channel’s hit show Shake It Up since its premiere in 2010. Thorne’s visit included an on-air interview, elaborating on her life as an actress, and her persistence to follow her dreams despite her third grade dyslexia diagnosis. “When I started acting at age 9, they told me I couldn’t do it,” Thorne said. She was able to help her dyslexia by reading everything in sight, further improving her reading skills daily.

The Disney star shared some words of wisdom with hospital patients about the importance of following your dreams and never giving up. After her interview, patients and families were invited to a meet-and-greet with Thorne, getting autographs and taking pictures with the young star.

Along with Shake it Up, Thorne has appeared in film and television projects such as Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The O.C., and Entourage. She has also guest-starred on other Disney Channel shows including Wizards of Waverley Place and Good Luck Charlie, and hopes to continue pursuing her love of acting. A special thanks to Bella Thorne for making an impactful and delightful visit to Seacrest Studios. Written By: Sabina Kashi, Seacrest Studios Intern, Children’s Hospital of Orange County