Big Time Fun with Big Time Rush in Seacrest Studios

Written by Seacrest Studios intern, Stone Shields

Screams and cheers echoed throughout the hospital when Big Time Rush made a special visit, during their highly anticipated Forever Tour, to Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center!

Carlos, Logan, James and Kendall were joined by several patients in the studio and many more who participated via zoom from their inpatient rooms. Big Time Rush went live on air for great conversation, laughs and recalled fun times they had filming their hit Nickelodeon show.

The band played a game where they had cardboard cutouts of all the band members and had to hold up which member fit the question the best. They all agreed Kendall was the grandpa of the group!

Logan stressed the importance of never giving up no matter what it is you are doing. This mindset allowed the band to be successful even through tough times and this is something we all can learn from!

Thanks for joining us in Cincinnati, Carlos, Logan, James and Kendall!