Big Time Rush Is Back In Philly!

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia welcomed back Big Time Rush to the hospital last week! The group was recently in our studio when they played for the Jingle Ball and were back in town to play a concert that evening.

The guys were very happy to talk about being on tour. They are heading to South America on this tour and are very excited about the trip. They were also looking forward to the new season of the show (they are just about start production).

When the patients asked Big Time Rush how they came up with their name, they said that was originally not the name of the band. They had considered a few other names like “Go Big Time” and “The Boyband Project” but after about a week of shooting the show, “Big Time Rush” stuck!

When asked what they do when they are not touring, the band explained that they really enjoy going on rollercoasters and snowboarding together. At first Carlos did not know how to snowboard, but his bandmates took him up on a black diamond and said “here you go!” Needless to say, he learned how to snowboard pretty fast!

They kept talking about how much they love what they do. They all grew up watching Nick and the Kids Choice Awards and feel so fortunate to be able to be on both now. Also, they never thought they would like to be slimed…but they really do! In fact, they let us know there are many different kinds of slime, some made of milk and some made of applesauce!

As they wrapped up their visit they planned on going to get cheesesteaks (a must every time they are in town). So far they have visited Pat’s and Geo’s but they were deciding between Jim’s and Tony Luke’s for this visit. We will have to ask which they went to the next time they are in studio (which we hope is soon!).

A big thanks to Big Time Rush for another special afternoon at CHOP...we love having you visit!