Billie Eilish Plays Games With Patients At Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Video by: Barbara Rego

Billie Eilish granted every patient’s wish of who they’d like to meet when she visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The hugely popular singer had a great time fielding questions from excited patients and playing guessing games. We learned that she loves horror movies, however she scared herself with her own content, so she is taking a break from horror material for now.

A patient then asked Billie the one question she said she often expects in interviews but had never been asked until now: “Do you have a boyfriend?” Billie replied to the young girl, “No, do you?” (And the patient does!) When someone else asked how she picked her style of music, the talented artist admitted it “just kind of happened that way.” We learned that she’s working on an unannounced voice acting related project, but one day she would like to voiceover a video game! We feel confident the sky is the limit for Billie Eilish! Thank you so much Billie for spending an unforgettable afternoon with us. You literally brought patients to (happy) tears!