Billy Currington Shares Shark Tales In Seacrest Studios

Mercury Nashville Records' country artist, Billy Currington, took a break from touring with Tim McGraw to visit patients in Seacrest Studios at Levine Children's Hospital.  On a concert stop with the Shotgun Rider Tour, Currington paused to talk about the concert circuit and life on the road. "We go to bed late, but the bus is a lot better for sleeping for me. Most people that I've talked to said they sleep better on the bus than at their house," said the CMT Music Award-winner. 

When one patient asked Currington’s “beauty tips,” the singer talked about taking care of his appearance and his health.  "I don't do anything to my hair.  Sometimes I do a shot of extra virgin olive oil or honey.  Honey clears you up real quick and gives you a lot of energy." With a handful of albums and ten #1 hits on the Billboard Country Music Charts, Billy can testify to the fact that paying your dues is part of the process when trying to break into country music.  "Around the age of 17, I knew I wanted to pursue a music career." Had he not chosen music, Currington might have enjoyed a career in sports.  He likes water sports now and says, "I do a lot of surfing and spear fishing at home. I will go and sit down at the bottom of the ocean and pick out what I want to eat tonight." The patients were particularly wide-eyed when Billy said that he "got chased by a 10-foot whitetail shark!" (He even revealed that he collects sharks' teeth!) When giving advice about getting through hard times, and he says he has had them, Billy said to "always think positive thoughts!" That is exactly what he inspired our patients to do!  Thanks, Billy, for the laughs, the advice, and the shark tales!