Blanco Brown Inspires Dallas Patients to “Git Up” and Dance!

Written by: Seacrest Studios Dallas

Patients Holly and Eliana both love to sing and dance. On May 19, those two creative little girls, as well as all the other Children’s Health patients in Dallas, received a personal dance lesson from superstar Blanco Brown, the mastermind behind “The Git Up” song and dance.

Blanco started off this virtual visit with a fun dance lesson, walking through each move of his song. While he taught, he talked all about his inspiration for the song, favorite pets and even virtually received his own painted puppy dog from Eliana. They named the pup Pepper!

As soon as all the moves were covered, Holly, Eliana and two child life team members joined Blanco on the Red Balloon Network for a full performance! The kids wowed Blanco with their incredible moves and turns, two-stepping and cowboy boogey-ing with matchless passion and fun! Dozens of other patients were able to dance in their beds, rooms or even just sing along.

Thank you, Blanco, for teaching us some incredible new moves and for giving our patients a reason to “Git Up” and feel joy as they danced the afternoon away!