Blanco Brown Visits Patients in Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Written by Seacrest Studios intern, Hannah Dendy 

Country music star, Blanco Brown, stopped by Seacrest Studios with Musicians on Call on a Marvelous Monday at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta! Brown is a Georgia native and loved making a pit stop in his home state to give the kids a fun start to their week. He is a big Georgia and Georgia Tech fan and gave both teams a shoutout! He talked about his football fandom for each school and that he is planning to make a custom costume jersey that is half Georgia and half Georgia Tech. 

Before performing his hit song, The Git Up, Brown talked and gave patients some positivity and advice. After going through his own accident and recovery a few months prior, Brown emphasized the importance of not being too hard on yourself and trying to see things from the other side even during the difficult times of being in the hospital. 

Brown brought so much joy, happiness and even a few dance moves to the hospital and inside Seacrest Studios! Thank you so much for visiting our patients, providing us our own personal concert AND teaching us how to do The Git Up! Go Dawgs and Go Jackets!