Brad Paisley Brings Country Twang to D.C.

Yee-haw! There’s a new band hitting the charts very soon and you don’t want to miss it!

Country legend and superstar Brad Paisley is debuting a new country band alongside awesome patient DJs who he met at Seacrest Studios in Children’s National located in Washington, D.C. Brad, aka DJ Twang, surprised rock star patient DJs when he called in to personally chat and meet with patients virtually.

DJ Twang didn’t expect to leave with a new band of patient DJs but that is exactly what happened. DJ Ariyeh was ready to show-off his amazing guitar skills when he met Brad, and Brad was blown away when DJ Ariyeh started to play “Love Me Tender” for him. Brad complemented the young guitarist’s skills and told him to keep playing because music will help him get through much heartache in life.

Brad was taken back when he met his “biggest fan,” patient DJ Reese! However, DJ Twang slowly became Reese’s biggest fan. Reese even shared that he has two guitars of his own! DJ Reese then invited the country legend to start a new “younger” band and Brad gladly accepted without hesitation. The two even said they wanted to meet up one day to ride dirt bikes together!

Those weren’t the only patient DJs Brad met! He also talked with DJ Adelynn, DJ Roma, DJ Danielle, DJ Josh and DJ Andrea. Brad answered tons of questions about his involvement in the Cars movie franchise, what got him into performing, his favorite things to do during quarantine, playing instruments, being friends with Carrie Underwood and more!

We can’t thank Brad enough for taking the time to chat with our patient DJs and help them truly feel like the rock stars they are! Brad, next time you’re in D.C. make sure you stop by Seacrest Studios to meet your fellow bandmates in person!

Watch out world! DJ Twang, DJ Ariyeh and DJ Reese will be selling out venues in the near future! Make sure you get a ticket…This is one show you won’t want to miss!