Brent Rivera Joins Fans at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Written by Seacrest Studios Intern, Giovanni Augustino

On Friday, May 6th, Seacrest Studios welcomed social media star Brent Rivera, who is widely known for his YouTube and TikTok channels. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was joined by the studio team at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. The interview began with many patients asking Brent about his video inspirations and role models – one of which was a familiar name, Ryan Seacrest. Brent was also able to share some fun stories about how he started on Vine and evolved into a social media influencer. 

Bubba, who has been watching Brent since his first video, asked Brent if he ever visits with fans. Brent explained that he always wants to get his subscribers involved with special events and even meet-ups. CJ, a fan of Brent’s TikTok page, asked Brent why he started his YouTube channel, and Brent told him that he experimented a lot and found that he liked YouTube because he could consistently make people smile. 

The interview concluded with patients asking Brent about his musical abilities. Brent shared his journey getting into music and how he started with very light-hearted music to ease himself into it. We learned that setting a goal sets yourself up for success in the future regardless of your endeavors. We look forward to seeing more amazing content from Brent in the future!