Brett Eldredge Wraps at Vanderbilt Children's!

Brett Eldredge is known for tugging at the hearts of many, but most recently, his special visit to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital tugged at the heart of all our patients and families!

The heart throb artist is on tour with Blake Shelton right now and had four hours in Nashville before he was on to the next city—and lucky for us, he wanted to spend that time at Vanderbilt! While visiting, patients enjoyed asking Brett silly questions that lead him to sharing many fun facts about himself, Edgar, his BFF/dog, and his tour!

He told us if he could appear on any TV Game show, he’d without a doubt, chose The Price Is Right! He also mentioned that he isn’t much of reader; he prefers to see the movie of books rather than reading them!

Traveling across the U.S. would be hard for any set of best friends, so rather than leaving Edgar behind, Brett takes him on tour! Edgar is so special to Brett, that he even makes a debut in his set. He does exciting tricks for the audience, then ends his performance with a BFF dance session that gets the crowd pumped!

It wouldn’t be a Seacrest Studios visit without a game!! Before we let Brett meet all the friends at his visit, we put him to the ultimate gift-wrapping challenge! He was given two minutes to wrap three oddly shaped objects and not to our surprise, he knocked it out the park! Even though Brett said he prefers to give gifts in bags, we knew he’d be great at the game! He even did so well that we, at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital, invited him back to help us wrap presents for all our future celebrations! 

Brett, it’s always a fun time having you in the Studios! We wish you the best of luck on your tour and hope to see you and Edgar soon again!