Carly Rae Jepsen Excites Patients With A Second Trip To CHOP!

Taking a break from her tour with Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, made her 2nd visit to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia last week.

When Carly sat down for an in studio interview, the patients were very interested in her life on the rode with Justin. She told the patients that she loves traveling on Justin’s luxury tour bus and that she has started decorating it with “girlier” things like scented candles!

While touring she always makes sure to drink a lot of tea and do extensive vocal warm ups. One way she warms up her voice is over Skype with her vocal coach. Carly is very happy with her latest album and her favorite song is the “This Kiss.” She also let us know that when Bieber is performing, you can always find her dancing to his music backstage!

When Carly was asked about some of her favorite things, she told everyone that she is really into “Instagram” right now. She also enjoys fashion and changing her look. She just colored her hair a darker black but was talking about how much she loved it when she was redhead. The patients were very interested to learn that she started singing at a young age and was very involved in singing competitions and musical theatre. Some of the plays she performed in were Annie, Grease and the Wizard of Oz. Her family was very supportive for her love for signing and songwriting and her dad actually used to sing songs to her instead of reading bedtime stories!

The patients and families at CHOP were so excited to welcome Carly Rae Jepsen back to the studio and learn more about her. We are very thankful she took the time to make it a very special day!