Carrie Underwood Makes CHOP A Stop On Her Tour!

Carrie Underwood stopped by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia before she performed at the Wells Fargo Center, and was greeted by an atrium filled of patients and their families! Carrie was very excited to talk about her tour.

The show that evening was the 41st on this tour (she will have performed in 55 cities by Christmas.) She will get a little break in January (she hopes to watch her husband play some hockey) and then is back on the road in February. When she was asked if she would rather be in studio or touring, she explained that while she loves putting together an album, being on tour is an amazing experience. When asked what she likes to have with her on tour she said that when she is on the road she always needs to bring her dogs and a stuffed animal that she has had since she was 8 years old. She is so proud of her latest album “Blown Away” and said that it is probably her favorite that she has recorded.

When on tour, Carrie likes to play to the crowd, so whatever music they want to hear, she tries to play! The patients asked Carrie all about writing songs and what inspires her. She said that her music comes from all different places (often from listening to her friends and family,) and sometimes she doesn’t even know what direction a song will go in, it just happens! The one thing that is really important to her is that she is continuing to grow, learn and make new music. On the new album she wrote about half of the songs and then worked with other writers for the rest. A self-proclaimed “practical dreamer,” Carrie went to college while also following her passion so she could learn from many different experiences.

The patients continued to ask her some great questions…

Marley asked: What is your favorite color?

Carrie answered: Any shade of blue

Alex asked: Are you friends with Kelly Clarkson?

Carrie answered: Yes! We see each other at award shows and I am very happy about all of her success

Angelina asked: When did you start singing?

Carrie answered: I have been signing my whole life, whether in the car, school or church, but I started to compete in talent shows at the age of 10.

Carrie went on to talk about some of the people that inspire her and said that the only person that makes her “star struck” is Dolly Parton and she would love to work with her!

It was a fun filled day at Seacrest Studios at CHOP and we are so happy that we got to spend it with Carrie. A huge thank you for making us one of the stops on her tour!