Carrie Underwood Talks To Patients About Her Music And Who Joins Her on Tour!

Recap Written by Intern: Rebecca Laplace Video recap by: Kent Wyckoff

Carrie Underwood visited Seacrest Studios at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and participated in an interview with patients that was broadcast to all the rooms in the hospital. Carrie discussed how it feels to perform live on TV at the Grammys and during the production of 'The Sound of Music,' as well as how excited she was to perform in the middle of the arena at the Wells Fargo Center later that evening. She also answered questions about her childhood, her farm, being married to a professional hockey player and raising her son, eleven-month-old Isaiah, whom patients learned joins her on tour along with their two small dogs, Ace and Penny!

After fielding questions about her career, her feelings about the last season of American idol, and even The Walking Dead, Carrie offered some words of encouragement to any aspiring singers in the audience and some words of hope to anyone listening that may need some cheering up.  Afterwards, she posed for pictures with our studio guests  and signed her autograph on everything from phone cases to pillows! CHOP thanks Carrie Underwood for her visit and can't wait for her to return!