Cast of The Wizard Of Oz Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Seacrest Studios Charlotte

Written by Seacrest Studios Intern, Megan Jurnak 

Three members of the national touring company of the The Wizard of Oz brought a little bit of that Emerald City magic to patients and families at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Sarah Lasko (Dorothy), Shani Hadjian (Wicked Witch), and Rachel Womble (Glinda) entertained everyone with tales of their experience in the travelling production along with words of advice and encouragement for everyone tuning in. “The failure you can experience in show business can actually be exciting,” Lasko said. “Because when you fail really badly, that’s when you grow the most.” But, even with the serious advice, there were many moments of laughter when the actresses discussed characters they admired in the production. “I think if I could choose any character to be...I think I’d be toto,” Womble said. “He doesn’t have to do anything besides be carried around and eat cookies.” “And he gets the most applause every night,” added Lasko. Above all else, the cast members advised kids of all ages to follow their dreams and persevere through whatever challenges life could throw your way. “It’s important to persevere and keep trying because theatre is a beautiful thing,” Hadjian said. “And it’s fun!” 

The visit concluded with Lasko performing an exclusive in-studio performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that gathered a crowd of patients and families. Many thanks to the cast of The Wizard of Oz for such a special visit!