Cee Lo Green Stops By 'The Voice'

The kids at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are having quite an exciting week this week! Last Friday, Ryan Seacrest flew in to Philly to launch the brand new multimedia studio called 'The Voice' that he and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation constructed in the lobby of the hospital. With the studio, the children have the ability to create their own musical playlists, interview friends and celebrity guests, and produce their own radio shows all while broadcasting it throughout the hospital's closed circuit radio system. The patients at the hospital had the opportunity to test out the new equipment when Selena Gomez dropped by the studio on it's opening day.

While their time last Friday was definitely exciting and fulfilling, their surprises are not over yet! Yesterday, Cee Lo Green paid a visit to The Voice. The ultra popular R&B/pop artist engaged the children in a hospital wide rendition of "Forget You," with everyone singing and clapping their hands to the tune. But the spotlight didn't just shine on Cee Lo-- some of the kids also got to display their own personal talents! One girl called in and performed a super impressive self-written rap for Cee Lo. Of course, he was delighted to hear it. Another talented girl showed Cee Lo how she could perform 'Forget You' completely in sign language!

Cee Lo also offered some valuable words of wisdom for the children, telling them how to find inspiration when writing their own songs. We guarantee that there will be a lot of original melodies being performed by patients at 'The Voice' in Philadelphia after Cee Lo's motivating visit. Cee Lo's appearance was such an exciting event that crowds of children and their families spilled outside of the studio and into the atrium just to get a glimpse of the famed musician.

The crowded conditions were definitely worth it- Cee Lo's engaging performance and appreciated advice was enjoyed by everyone there. 'The Voice' is definitely being put to good use and we can tell that the children are thrilled to be able to use it!