Artists Take The Celebrity Challenge During Seacrest Studios Visits

Video by: Chance Harris Recap by: Paula Cuadrado

We love when celebrities come to Seacrest Studios to meet some cool kids and we thought we would add in some extra fun...with the Celebrity Challenge! The idea – a celebrity visitor poses a challenge to the next celebrity who comes to Seacrest Studios. 17-Year-old Bailey started it off by challenging country music star Sam Hunt to not only call a buddy on his phone but then sing “Let it Go” over the phone. Sam instantly called a friend, but the studio crowd had to help him sing-along after Sam claimed he didn’t know all the words to the hit song from Frozen. Now that Sam completed his challenge, he then offered up the next daring task – a handstand in Studio for four seconds to the next special guests to the Studio. A few weeks later, the hit duo 2Cellos came to visit and Luka and Stjepan were more than excited to accept the handstand dare. 2Cellos is known for playing popular pop and rock songs on their cellos. They challenged The Avett Brothers to play Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” on the banjo. After a few seconds of practice the bluegrass band was strumming along the notes to the MJ classic. The Avett Brothers then got their chance at passing along a dare. They chose to challenge Andy Grammer to dance the robot to the bluegrass classic “Rocky Top.” Andy got some help from Jireh, who danced along with him. Andy then turned the challenge back to singing and dared Mike Love of the Beach Boys to sing a note as long as he could. Andy gave us an example, holding his long note for 27 seconds! And Mike Love accepted the challenge, singing a note from “Be True to Your School,” to which Connor replied, “That was crazy!” Thank you to our recent celebrity visitors for being such good sports in our celebrity challenge! Stay tuned for our next episode!