The Chainsmokers Visit Boston Children's Hospital!

Video by Gemma Gamberdell and Maxwell Svec Written Recap by Gemma Gamberdell 

Last month, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, the famous DJ duo known as TCS (The Chainsmokers) spent the day with patients and staff at Boston Children's Hospital

Drew and Alex answered some great questions from patients like what superpowers they would love to have, who their favorite Star Wars characters are, and “what do you think about the bee crisis?” 

After the interview, Drew and Alex led everyone in a fun new game called Nose Goes! where they looked at pictures of celebrity noses and had to figure out whose they were. They correctly guessed Spongebob’s, Sully’s (from Monster’s Inc.), Goofy’s, and Rudolph’s noses before trying to guess the noses of various dog breeds.

Following, Nose Goes! Drew and Alex took on a basketball challenge, throwing as many paper balls into plastic bins as they could! Alex’s team ended the round with 41 points, but Drew’s team bested them with a score of 91. While neither of them broke the record (98 points by the Celtics Jae Crowder) everyone had a great time being part of a team and cheering them on.

Drew and Alex ended their time at Seacrest Studios by taking photos and signing autographs with patients, before heading off to their show at the House of Blues. Thanks Alex and Drew for stopping by — everyone had a great time!