Charli XCX Talks About Her Crush On Bill Murray While At Seacrest Studios!

Recap Written By: John Charambura

Everyone was feeling extra “Fancy” at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) as singer and songwriter Charli XCX stopped by Seacrest Studios to hang out with patients and their families. Fans were not shy with their questions as they got the singer to dish on everything from how she got started, to hobbies and celebrity crushes. Writing and recording music on piano when she was 14, Charli was discovered after she began posting music to MySpace. She credits her parent’s support, as they would drive her to and from gigs in London. At 16 she decided to pursue her musical career seriously, making her first trip to the United States to work with various producers in Los Angeles. “I realized I wanted to be a singer when I first saw Britney Spear’s ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ video,” said Charli. 
Charli, who is still not used to hearing herself on the radio, admitted that “Fancy” is probably her favorite song as it gave her the opportunity to explore a hip-hop style, noting that she always dreamed of being a rapper. As for the music video, she said it was inspired by the movie Clueless, which is one of her favorites. Regarding working with Iggy Azalea, Charli stated that she loves doing collaborations and that Iggy is definitely one of the coolest people she has ever met in the music industry. When asked how she felt about her song “Boom Clap” being featured in the film The Fault In Our Stars, she responded that she was extremely honored to be part of such an amazing project. Her music and fashion borrow influence from a variety of sources including: Britney Spears, Rihanna, The Spice Girls, The Cure, and The Ramones When she is not making music, Charli lists going to the cinema, traveling, watching Game of Thrones and bowling as her favorite hobbies. Asked if she had a celebrity crush, after some careful deliberation she jokingly said, “I think I have a crush on Bill Murray.” Her future certainly looks bright as she is set to release her new album “Suckers,” in December as well as join Katy Perry on her U.K. tour. Before wrapping up, Charli shared some inspiring advice with all young hopefuls in CHOP, urging them to stay true to themselves and to just “do your own thing.” She also encouraged aspiring musicians to use social media as a way to gain recognition. After the interview, she took the time to sign autographs, and even give birthday shout outs via Face time. Charli XCX certainly charmed fans with her humble attitude and delightful candor. We wish her the best of luck with her upcoming tour and album release and can’t wait to see her at CHOP again!