Charlie Puth Makes A Special Trip To Seacrest Studios Cincinnati

Recap By: Bridgette Heschel

Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center was excited to welcome Charlie Puth. His visit started off with a performance of his hit single, “One Call Away.” He was then interviewed by the patients in the studio and via video conferencing from their rooms. One of the patients was eager to ask him if he was single and was delighted when he answered “yes.” Charlie talked about songwriting, learning to use Auto-Tune to train his voice, and the story behind his famous eyebrow scar. He talked about the inspiration behind his music and surprised everyone when he revealed his musical inspirations were James Taylor, John Mayer, Snoop-Dog, Ice Cube, Eminem, and TLC. 
During a game of “Get to Know Charlie Puth in 60 Seconds” Charlie revealed that he prefers vinyl to mp3, chocolate to vanilla, loves to travel by tour bus and even showed off his beat boxing skills. At the end of the visit, the line for the Meet and Greet was out the door. 

Three of Charlie’s biggest fans showed up wearing matching shirts with coordinating posters that wrote out “We Love Charlie.” Another lucky girl was so excited to meet Charlie that she could not hold back tears of joy. Thank you, Charlie, for making such a special day for everyone at Cincinnati Children’s!